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Pre-Order Merc-1 OTF Medford Knife & Tool Deposit

Pre-Order Merc-1 OTF Medford Knife & Tool Deposit


This is for a Pre-Order Deposit on a Dagger Merc-1 OTF. Total will be $600. Your balance after deposit is $300.


OTF - A first for Medford Knife & Tool, the Merc-1 OTF knife is a culmination of nearly 2 years of development. First we made a working version of a typical OF the when we had figured that out we looked at each other and decided to make something completely different. Greg Medford and his cousin Steve spent countless hours and meetings going over concepts and strategies and decided on "finish parameters." Greg's requests were as reasonable as ever... "I want the biggest blade to handle ratio in the business, minimal play with maximum reliability, a new way of locking, no hardware, a great sound, snappy functionality and ease of servicing." Many meetings and revisions later we arrived at Merc-1. There are currently 3 MIM parts on the knife but the rest of the knife is made completely in-house at MKT. The Hex-Tech mechanism is reflected on the exterior for our first 200 proofing strike blades then it switches to the Cross-bow and Chevron design as our standard.


-S45VN Tumbled Dagger Blade

-Black Handles

-Standard Clip

-Standard Breaker


Blade Steel: S45VN

OAL: 8 3/4"

Chassis Length: 5"

Blade Length: 3 3/4"

Blade Thickness: 150"

Chassis Width: 1 1/4"

Weight: 4.5oz.

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