Praetorian Slim Flipper Medford Knife & Tool

Praetorian Slim Flipper Medford Knife & Tool


This knife has all the sexy appeal of the standard “Slim” but the action of an auto. The flipper-cam is yummy and well placed for comfort in both the open and closed positions. The blade rides on 18 bearings and has the most satisfying snap both open and closed action. Titanium, S35Vn and all American Made. The design speaks to Greg’s design evolution and our connection to the evolving sentiments within the knife community. Not everyone wants a large aggressive tactical folder but they may want the style and performance. This knife is for them…


Features & Upgrades: 

-S35VN Tumbled DP Blade

-AzKickr Exclusive Signature 🏁 Fuller Groove

-Bronze Ano Laser Engraved "Filigree Bank Scroll" Handle

-Bronze Spring 

-Bronze Hardware

-Bronze Clip


7.6” OAL
3.25” Blade Length
1.3” wide
4 oz