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187DP Medford Knife & Tool #BS23x11

187DP Medford Knife & Tool #BS23x11


The 187 series folder, named for the 3/16ths inch stock used throughout, is MKTs lower price-point offering for those absolute MKTooligans who want more than 1 MKT folder. If you are saving for the ultimate custom MKT blade or holding out for the Praetorian Ti, then we have something to tide you over. For the rest of us (who want to remain married), this series gets a man a hand-made American knife with rugged uniqueness that is truly American…187s ONLY AVAILABLE IN PVD COATED D2 STEEL.


Features & Upgrades:

-CPM D2 PVD Blade

-"Old-School Tumbled/Contoured" Handles

-PVD Hardware

-PVD AzKickr Exclusive Signature 🏁 Checkered Flag Clip


Total length: 9 3/8in

Blade length: 3 3/4in

Blade thickness: .190in

Blade width: 1 1/4in

Scale thickness: 3/16in

Total thickness: 5/8in

Closed length: 5 1/4in

Weight: 7.1oz

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