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Nosferatu Flipper Medford Knife & Tool #BS23X11

Nosferatu Flipper Medford Knife & Tool #BS23X11


The Medford Nosferatu is a thick, but sleek flipper knife with smooth action and Medford's renowned durability. When the world ends, this knife will be standing strong beside the cockroaches and Twinkies. Pick up a knife that is hard-core enough for the most extreme situations, yet elegant enough for casual, everyday carry.The manual Nosferatu model has the same build and handle profile as the original, but with a new, utilitarian sheepsfoot blade. Instead of having automatic action, this version boasts a more accessible flipper tab opener and ball-bearing pivot


Features & Upgrades:

-S45VN PVD Sheepsfoot Blade

-PVD w/Rose Pinstripes Handles

-Rose Hardware

-Rose AzKickr Exclusive Signature 🏁 Clip

-Flipper opener with a ball bearing pivot.

-Button lock that offers secure lock-up and facilitates easy one-handed use.


Blade and Handles: .190″

OAL: 8.4″

Blade Length: 3.5”

Width: 1.25″

Weight: 6oz

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