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Viceroy Medford Knife & Tool #8504

Viceroy Medford Knife & Tool #8504


Introducing the Viceroy™, a new standard in Balisongs. Crafted with precision and innovation, the Viceroy™ raises the bar for performance and functionality.


Construction: The Viceroy’s 1/8” thick by 4.85” long CPM S45VN blade, and 5.56” 6Al4V Titanium solid channel construction handles move in perfect balance for both technical play and practical use.  Handle ergonomics provide a secure hold during intricate maneuvers. The latch-less opening mechanism ensures smooth, fluid movements, allowing for rapid deployment when needed. Whether standing in a circle with friends flippin’ Bali’s or pulling from your plate carrier in a far-off land, the Viceroy moves easily, precisely, and predictably.  Just as you want.


A Bali made by Knife users:  “Flipping” is fun but there is more to knives than fidgeting!  The Viceroy™ can be ordered with a variety of  blade styles, including Drop Point, Tanto, Dagger & Sheepsfoot.  Users have the freedom to adapt the knife to their specific needs, making it ideal for any task.



Integral solid channel design, adding structural integrity and ensuring maximum durability during heavy-duty usage.

Zen Pin use, combined with custom bushings, guarantees flawless blade movement and enhanced precision.

Rounded handles not only add to the overall aesthetic but also contribute to a more comfortable grip.

The Chaplin Groove enables easy flipping and tricks, making it a natural choice for Bali enthusiasts.

Superior Craftsmanship: The Viceroy™ is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Each knife is assembled with precision, and the blades are ground to perfection, ensuring exceptional sharpness, cutting performance and balance. The machined handle texture provides a secure and tactile grip, further elevating the user experience.


Proudly Made in the USA: The Viceroy™ is designed and manufactured in the USA, upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Each knife undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee it meets our stringent criteria before it reaches your hands.


The Viceroy™ enters service as a “best in class” Balisong, combining exceptional design, premium materials, and innovative features to provide you with an unrivaled experience. Whether you’re a knife collector, enthusiast, or simply seeking the finest blade for everyday use, the Viceroy™ will exceed your expectations and become a cherished addition to your collection.


Features & Upgrades:

-S45VN Tumbled Dagger 

-Tumbled Handles

-Standard Hardware


-Blade length: 4.85”

-Blade width: .66”

-Blade thickness: .125”

-Blade material: CPM® S45VN

-Blade grind: Multiple Drop Point, Tanto, Dagger & Sheepsfoot

-Handle material: Titanium

-Handle length: 5.56”

-Handle width: 1.17”

-Handle thickness: .5”

-Lock/opening mechanism: Latch-Less

-Features: Integral solid channel, Zen Pins, Custom Bushings, Rounded Handles, Chaplin Groove, Machined Handle Texture, Hand-ground Blades

-Weight: < 4.1 oz

-Closed length: 10.4”

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